decent health care

You deserve affordable health care.

The Affordable Care Act was the first lucky break in decades for tens of millions of working families – the 20 million who had no health insurance, plus tens of millions more with junk insurance that refused to pay claims.  Opponents like Speaker Paul Ryan waged relentless efforts to sabotage the ACA after it became law, joined now by Congressman Neal Dunn, who voted in 2017 to take decent, affordable health care away from you.  

Dunn’s vote for the RyanCare health plan would eliminate ACA health insurance for 63,000 men, women and children in District 2 alone – and gut Medicaid benefits for veterans and nursing homes.  It would bring back pre-existing conditions – degrade coverage and quality of health insurance for veterans and others – and explode already excessive costs charged by the medical industry and, with that, premiums for people in their 50s and 60s. 

I will strengthen the ACA by working to reduce premiums that some have encountered – and to bring down the soaring costs charged by the unaccountable medical industry – a taxpayer-funded industry that helped Dunn become a multimillionaire executive and banker.