good jobs

Let's bring good jobs back to Florida's 2nd District.


America will remain great only if working families in North Florida can count on good jobs that honor and reward hard work – jobs that pay enough so you can own a home, have affordable health care, afford college for you and your children, and have a secure retirement – jobs with dignity.  

Yet too many North Florida working families have little financial security and find work only in low-wage jobs. This is the result of Florida political leaders’ conscious strategy to entice employers to relocate or expand here with the offer of a low-wage workforce. And working families have paid the price. You can’t be a good provider with most of those jobs. That’s why many of you have to work two or more jobs at once – and still can't make ends meet.

We can begin with a honestly-funded reconstruction and expansion of North Florida's infrastructure – our highways and bridges, sewer and water services, ports and harbors, efficient energy, and improved rural telecommunication and high-speed Internet services – which Congress has failed to enact.  These require direct spending, not phony tax credit schemes that let private investors charge working families outrageous fees and tolls.